The Mavs Youth Box League was created to take players games to the next level.  Box lacrosse participation is booming in the United States and has not escaped the attention of many high profile coaches around the country.   We focus on teaching the game of box lacrosse in a real box environment  on turf or grass.  The Mavs box was purchased from Sports Resource Group and is completely portable.


1- PLAYER DEVELOPMENT– Playing on smaller goals (4X4) and larger goalies force players to develop into very accurate shooters.  Box lacrosse has no long poles and since all players have short sticks and have to play both ends of the floor you must become adept at ground balls, dodging, passing and catching in traffic.  Box lacrosse also employs a shot clock so players must make quick decisions with the ball.  This also creates constant transition from offense to defense

2- PACE OF THE PLAY– With a short shot clock and no out of bounds, the ball is constantly in play.  The action does not stop nearly as often as it does in field lacrosse.  The fast pace, combined with fewer players means a lot more touches for the individual players.

3- PHYSICALITY AND CREATIVITY–  Players operate in tight quarters with way more contact.  They learn how to protect there stick, understand spacing and learn how to fire shots around nearby defenders.  Defensively with no long poles, foot work and proper positioning are critical.



Fall Youth Box

Authentic Box Lacrosse directed by Mavs founder Sean Lindsay.  Learn to be physical, creative and watch your game develop from playing box lacrosse.

  • Location: Agoura High School
  • Days: Sunday’s
  • Ages: U8, U10, U12, U14, Girls
  • Dates: 

    • 9/12, 9/19, 9/26, 10/3, 10/10, 10/17, 10/24
  • Time:

    • 2025/2026: 2pm-3pm
    • 2027-2028: 3pm-4pm
    • 2029/2030/2031: 4pm-5pm
    • Girls: 5pm-6pm
  • Cost: $300